Abuabakarr Bangura


M + 31 (0) 6 815 947 82

Abubakarr Bangura M.Ed. is a living bridge between Sierra Leone and The Netherlands.  He has contributed, tangibly to advance the prosperity of the Sierra Leonean diaspora in the Netherlands and in promoting the interest of Sierra Leone in The Netherlands. His contacts at the Sierra Leonean Embassy in Brussels, civil society, business and the media as a rule are more than willing to support his initiatives, as he’s shown time and again to reliably deliver results. Mr Bangura knows how to build consensus in complex settings. As a consultant on entrepreneurship, development and diversity, he reconciles public and private interests on a daily basis. He is a successful consultant in The Netherlands, he’s remained true to his roots and dedicated to promoting the bilateral relations between Sierra Leone and The Netherlands (SDG17)