ONE WORLD Citizens


ONE WORLD Citizens is an international network of youngsters who contribute to the 17 Global Goals with No One Left Behind by making WORK of Basic Needs for all through startups for change.

With No One Left Behind, because we cannot succeed in achieving the SDGs if half of the world is held back.


The youngest generations have an important contribution to achievement of the Global Goals by their innovative ideas for change and willingness to share and help each other by use of social media. They are able to work out ideas for change into social startups, which not only contribute to the Global Goals, but also to new youth employment for sustainable change. As well locally and globally.  


We work from the Power of Youngsters and their communities, working together online in the international OWC community and offline in local Global Goals Hubs.


We organize Quality Education by sharing ideas and examples of social startups that can be copied in other countries; training of Social Entrepreneurship; long term Support from the international community of youngsters and stakeholders; the Dialogues of Youngsters and Policymakers for collaboration and future oriented policymaking.

With who

We work with proactive youngsters from all backgrounds, educational levels, aged 10 to 30 years. And local stakeholders who want to support these youngsters, at this moment comming from the countries: Netherlands, Nepal, Kenya, Kurdistan-Iraq, Rwanda, Uganda, Albania, Austria, Bosnia-Herzegovina, France, Ireland, Romania, Slovenia, Sweden, Ukraine.