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ImPower - Social Impact Company

Because (your) work can make the difference

About us

Social Enterprise

ImPower helps people to get the best out of themselves (empowerment) and brings people and companies together. In this way we have already helped many hundreds of jobseekers who needed a helping hand in the past 12 years. To the delight of these people and the company where they now work!

Our success is based on four pillars:

Our first 'secret' is that we are close to people: we work with peer coaches who are not only well trained, they also know the unruly world from their own practice. Whatever your background, at ImPower you will find a coach who knows your world.
The second pillar is that we do not 'mediate' people (we are not an employment agency) but help people develop. This also means that we can coach you in a very concrete way towards work or training. Everyone who enters ImPower comes out stronger.
Another element is the special social and social projects. In Amsterdam, for example, an enthusiastic home-based team gives advice on energy saving. A win / win situation for climate, the labor market and the fight against poverty.
Our last 'secret' is that we are an enterprising club with roots in business. We have solid knowledge about the development of people and about public-private partnerships.
ImPower is active in Amsterdam and Rotterdam, Arnhem is under development. We are open to expansion to other municipalities.