Institute For Financial Crime

Fighting for Financial Integrity

About us

Den Haag

The IFFC is an independent not-for-profit foundation and the hub of a knowledge-intensive public-private network in the field of financial-economic crime and crime related finance.

The IFFC is based in The Hague, The Netherlands: the international city of peace, justice and security, which symbolizes the connection between technology, conflict management and law. As the Dutch platform for knowledge and expertise on financial-economic crime, the IFFC seeks to interact with similar  organisations worldwide.


To stimulate public-private cooperation in the combat against FEC,  in the interest of social integrity and reducing the  financial impact to society.  


Financial-economic crime is a social problem. The IFFC believes that government, the business community and knowledge institutions have a shared responsibility to prevent and combat FEC in order to have a sustainable and ethical society. Our vision is to connect parties, to facilitate and stimulate cooperation between these parties, to spot trends in financial-economic crime in an early stage, and to bring financial-economic crime issues to the agenda of public and private institutions. 

Core values

The work of IFFC is based on the following values:

  • Independent 
  • Sincere
  • Reliable 
  • Professional which leads to trust


As a knowledge and expertise centre in the field of combating financial-economic, the IFFC brings together parties from the public, private and academic sectors in a trusted environment where they can:

  • share knowledge with each other;
  • expand their network;
  • map financial-economic crime-issues;
  • work together on innovative solutions.

As a trustworthy partner, the IFFC seeks cooperation and connection with existing organisations (government, business, knowledge institutions and politics), networks and initiatives that engage in the combat against financial-economic crime.

In addition to and in conjunction with existing agendas, the IFFC determines its focus. In addition, the institute monitors developments in the field of financial-economic crime (trend watching).

What does the IFFC do?

  • Building a network (connection and collaboration): through events and working groups (cross-sectoral, multidisciplinary, cross-generational);
  • Gather knowledge & expertise by facilitating working groups, projects and network events;
  • Promoting innovation and research (through research projects, "pilots" / experimental gardens and trend watching.
  • Sharing & disseminate knowledge: through events & communication