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Safe, Sustainable, Solar for All

About us

Social Enterprise

For light and connectivity. For daily use or as a backup. In the middle of the city or way off the beaten path. Access to power is a basic necessity in everybody’s life.

WakaWaka is a fast growing social enterprise with a mission to provide everybody with power. In particular to the billion+ people worldwide who do not have access to light or electricity. They still depend on dangerous, toxic, and expensive kerosene lamps and candles, and polluting and expensive battery torches.Together they spend over $30 billion on kerosene every year for just a tiny bit of light in the evening. Lack of electricity access is also problematic for phone charging in those regions. WakaWaka offers safe, sustainable and affordable off-grid solutions for light and power on solar-energy, because the abundant power of the sun is available all over the world. We believe in a world where everybody has access to Safe, Sustainable Solar Power.