Building Better

Our Impact

We invest our energy in building a sustainable future and are fully committed to SDGs that lie within our mandate.

In line with its activity, dutch is focusses its effort on sustainable cities and communities (goal 11), responsible consumption and production (goal 12) and action for climate change (goal 13). In addition dutch works to create partnerships for the goals (goal 17).

Goal 11: Sustainable Cities and communities

Global challenges such as urbanization, climate change, employment rate, digitalization, mobility and the scarcity of resources are causing societies to rethink shifts in new business models. Dutch has played an integral role in rolling out the national Dutch Smart Cities Strategy in 2016, which was presented to the prime minister of the Netherlands, Mark Rutte. We are a linking pin to businesses, governments, municipalities and research institutions in inspiring stakeholders to envisioning healthy and sustainable urban communities.

Goal 12 – Responsible consumption & production

Within this goal, dutch takes an entrepreneurial approach and invests in companies that are committed to creating impact throughout the triple bottom line. Here are some examples for creating impact, in which dutch is invested in:


Beebox is a farmers' cooperative in the Netherlands which stimulates local produce from the farmers to the consumers through a packaged box of ingredients. This is truly unique as all of the produce are organic and from the Netherlands only. See: www.beebox.nl


Vibers is made from the Miscanthus crop. It is a fast growing crop that absorbs huge amounts of CO2. Elephants Grass is grown and produced locally in the Netherlands. It is an alternative for finite resources like oil, which are used to make old fashion plastics. Not only that, but Vibers is stronger, lighter AND fully biodegradable: that’s why it’s better than plastic! http://www.nnrgy.com/

Goal 13 - Action for climate change

Dutch is invested in multiple projects to achieve impact in the broadest of areas. We are mostly proud of our mobility policy which has successfully reduced dutch’s CO2 emissions over the course of 2015 and 2016. It’s aim is to incentivize transport which is better for the environment. We are proud to announce that we have received the Lean and Green Award

in 2016, which is a testament of our stewardship of planet earth.

Goal 17 – Partnership for the goals:

Dutch knows very well that the achievement of the SDGs cannot be done alone. It is a group effort stretched across profit and non-profit institutions. That is why dutch teamed up with B Corps team to generate a greater outreach. B Corp is a certification standard that measures impact on five topics: environment, workers, customers, community and governance. dutch has played an integral role in rolling out the B Corp name and impact measurement process in the Benelux and so far has helped over 50 companies achieve the B Corp standard. In order for a company to certify for B Corp, it has to sign an declaration of interdependence which states that the company will harbor the social and environmental interests while pursuing their goals. Dutch has been a B Corp since 2015.