SDG Charter Signatory

Help a Child

Child-Centred Community Development: every child a loving and dignified existence and a promising future.

About us


Around the world millions of children are growing up in extreme poverty. Help a Child wants every child to have a loving and dignified existence and a promising future. 

We have the vision that children are placed in a family and in a community for a purpose and that this is the best place for them to grow up. That is why in many cases we focus on the parents and caregivers in order to reach the children. We also believe that children thrive in strong communities. That is why we also focus on connecting parents, farmers, teachers and children to (local) government, the private sector and other NGOs. We believe the best way of developing is developing in cooperation and mutual strength.

The right to a life with dignity is a central theme within the work of Help a Child. This applies especially to extreme vulnerable groups such as children with a disability or children who are discriminated or exploited. Help a Child helps children in need, regardless of background, caste, colour, race, faith or sex.