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Novell-Jobs, The Sustainable Recruiter

About us

Social Enterprise

Novell-Jobs offers recruitment services solely to companies that are involved in sustainability, with the goal of making the world a better place. 
As a result, we create a positive impact on the new economy and increase awareness about how our employment affects the planet.

Novell-Jobs wants to genuinely make this world a better place and contribute to that by offering recruitment services solely to sustainable companies.
Together, we create a positive impact on the new economy and as a result increase awareness about our planet. 

The way we want to achieve this is through:
• Connecting sustainable clients with professionals with a sustainable mindset, for the good of the planet
• Increase awareness of what your employment can mean to our world 
• Working with organizations that operate in the sustainable market 

Novell-Jobs provides you with jobs in various sectors that have a positive impact to the new/circular economy 
Sectors can be:
* Renewable Energy / Wind Energy
* Organic food, drinks
* Fair Fashion
* Clean agriculture
* CSR, Environmental Management
* Clean engineering
* NGOs 
* Circular Economy
* Green consulting / consulting on sustainability

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