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User-friendly Justice

Our Impact

Justice Accelerator 

Since 2012, by supporting 40 of the world's best justice entrepreneurs, the HiiL Justice Accelerator has provided access to justice for 1.4 million people

HiiL has organised 10 Challenges, evaluated more than 1600 applications, shortlisted 385 promising justice innovations, and awarded 40 fellows with seed funding and an acceleration track. We have organised 15 local and international events where we brought together the world of entrepreneurship, justice, investment and civil society. 

One third of our innovators are female entrepreneurs and they benefit on average 25-50% of female beneficiaries. Thanks to our support, our 40 Award winners have been able to employ a total of 432 people. In addition, our online community counts over 50.000 members across 79 countries who have supported our justice innovators and enable us to build long-term local communities based around justice innovation. More than 80.000 votes were cast through our platform to support the justice innovations in their campaigns. The winners of our Innovating Justice Challenge have introduced many innovative solutions that help citizens as the end users of the justice system. 

Some of the successful innovations HiiL supported:

  • Sauti - Sauti was founded as an SMS-based trade and market information platform for small cross-border traders and SME’s in East Africa. The benefit of the platform is that the traders are enabled to trade legally and profitably across the EAC borders.

  • Ufulu Wanga - This start-up exists to exists to address some of the harmful traditional practices, such as forced child marriage or gender-based violence, faced by Malawi society. Ufulu Wanga provides women with free information that is available on the web portal, via SMS.

  • Legal Legends - South African online legal services platform offers a legal coverage specifically for small-scale traders and newly established companies. The advantages go beyond the quality services provided at fixed upfront prices, they also offer a legal health check, which provides an automated way to get a snapshot of where a business currently is, and where it needs to be legally.


Measuring Justice

Through our data and impact reports we gave voice to the users of justice in countries like Uganda, Tunisia, Ukraine and UAE. There is a pressing need for new approaches which would build justice journeys that work for the users. HiiL's approach puts people in the center and provides justice institutions and governments with the necessary information with which they can shape justice systems around the needs of the citizens.

Some of our reports include:

  • Tunisia - The voices of just over 7500 Tunisian citizens were collected in this report. The data showed that 4 out of 10 Tunisians encountered one or more serious justice problems in the past 4 years. This highlights a high demand for effective, accessible and efficient journeys to justice. Tunisian Minister of Justice Jeribi applauded HiiL for its work and emphasised the importance of accurate data and dashboards in designing efficient and effective tools for a reform.

  • Uganda - Almost 90% of Ugandan people experienced one or more serious justice need that were severe and difficult to resolve and were mostly related to land, family matters and crime, with specifically high occurrences of disputes with neighbours over boundaries, rights of way or access to property, theft and domestic violence.

  • Ukraine - In Ukraine, almost half of the people think that it is not even worth trying to get justice for the justice problems they face. There is a lack of availability of justice procedures with neutral decision-makers who are alternatives to courts. By identifying the specific legal problems we can set up improvement processes around these concrete justice needs that citizens face.