De Klik - Uitvalvoedselweeropweg

We lower the foo[d]print for meetings and parties

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Social Enterprise

We lower the foo[d]print for meetings and parties. 

We are reducing the amount of food waste at farmers and supermarkets (currently 17%) by arranging meals and  appetizers at congresses and meetings in which this kind of dropout food is processed. Uitval voedsel or Dropout food means unsalable food from supermarkets or surplus and aesthetically rejected products from local farmers that are still fine to handle in all kinds of dishes by restaurantchefs and catering. The quantities offered are usually too big for consumers and too small for the food industry, but fit well with the purchasing needs of the restaurants or catering industry. We always organize it with local partners to minimize transport distances and thus CO2 emissions.
This is the full service concept. For the front runners, we already have a DIY platform with supply and demand for this type of food.