Spark the Movement

With all Frysian schools we stimulate educators and students to work towards a sustainable world.

About us

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In Fryslân, one of the Northern provinces of The Netherlands, we have a dream, shared by a growing number of people from companies, artists, citizens, governmental organisations and knowledge institutes. Together we build for a sustainable, circular world. Everywhere there are initiatives of people showing personal leadership, and who balance care for themselves with care for others and care for the world around them.

Spark stimulates this movement among schools. We invite educators from primary schools to university to show what is being done in their particular course or school with regard to the SDGs. 

Spark is an initiative of Circulair Friesland. Besides education we also work towards positive impact in the foodsector, in agriculture, in construction sector, mobility, energy, watermanagement etc. Circulair Friesland has over 80 associates, encompassing a wide variety of companies, all municipalities, and all knowledge institutes in the province.  

Every fire starts with a spark; we build a fire n Fryslân, and join up with the international movement aiming to achieve the SDGs in 2030!