SDG Café

A meeting place for SDG supporters

About us

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The SDG  Café is an independent informal network, a meeting place for SDG supporters. A place were we share information, research, advises, contacts, motivation, visions, approaches, motivation, energy  and solidarity. Initiated by MoFa, however nowadays an overall selfsupporting initiative. We followed somehow the same bottom-up model as in Germany and named our initiative also a "Café". The gatherings are organized by a group of volunteers and a voluntary coordinator. We meet about 5/6/ times a year, every time on a different location, hosted by a different organization. We work around theme's or indicators, inspired by relevant speeches, pitches, horizontal and vertical knowledge exchange, dialogue with student, young entrepreneurs etc. Research, innovations will be shared. MoFa, still a backbone of the SDG  Café, plays an important role as an international knowledge provider. The sharing is informal and independent. However, the result of every gathering  is a smart advise to each other, MoFa or others. 

Participants are members, employees of NGO's, local and regional authorities, ministries, knowledge centers, universities, youth, entrepreneurs, solo activists, cultural organizations etc.

The success of the "Café" is a joined responsibility of all participants, we are not an organization, more a movement. We introduce friends and share good quality knowledge and  networks in solidarity. We are alternately a guest organization for the gathering and provide the coffee, the beer and the snacks and some administration support. We don't have subsidy and avoid bureaucracy.

All SDG workers are most welcome.