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Project Beauty

"This makes me happy!"

About us

Social Enterprise

Project Beauty

What we do:
We challenge you to discover what that wonderful but sometime also complicated word ‘Beauty’ means to you.

Why we do it:
The world is full of distractions and temptations. Sometimes it’s useful to sit down and take a moment to contemplate what really is important in our lives.

How we do it:
We created an open online questionnaire, with questions about the most interesting dilemma’s around beauty.

How we did it so far:
Asked over 7. 500 people in five countries (United Kingdom, Ireland, Germany, Austria and the Netherlands) how they feel about beauty.

How we are able to keep on doing this:
First, we create remarkable books about how people feel about this intriguing word ‘Beauty’. Then we created a website where everybody else can journey through our questionnaire and order a (printed or e-)book about how beauty is perceived in a specific country or region, that also includes his or her own answers: Seeking Beauty with  … . 

We present these fully personalized books as a wonderful gift: the opportunity for someone to discover what beauty means to them and keep their discovery in their own book.
Furthermore we created for each country/region a series of amazing posters.