World Environment Day Special
As it is 2018 World Environment Day, Earth Charter International and Deep Time walk are excited to announce a new partnership. To celebrate, we are offering the Deep Time Walk app at 1/3rd off the usual price to encourage people to experience the walk and participate in positive action.

As you consider ways to respond to this year´s World Environment Day theme "Beat Plastic Pollution", we encourage to deeply reflect on our Earth by setting aside some time this weekend to experience the walk.

The Deep Time Walk enables you to enter a deep, reflective experience by walking through a dramatised history of the living Earth. Sensitively designed using appropriate technology, the app encourages a shift away from the smartphone screen to instead connect with the natural world around you. Walk through 4.6 billion years of earth history, learn about humanity's ancestral heritage with all life, experience what you are a part of and comprehend our geological impact. Download the Deep Time Walk on Android or iOS device at a reduced price only until June 6th.