Dear all,

It has been two and half weeks since the SDG Impact Summit, thank you again for attending! During the Summit, a lot of you added support needs to the so-called ‘’search engine’’. These requests have been translated into ‘Join in Actions’ for all specific profiles. Be sure to check out the ‘Join in Action’ overview page, which can be found on the main navigation bar to see what the community has to offer or to see where your work fits. Also, check out the results and roadmaps of the Summit by visiting the profiles of the different working groups.
Since the SDG Impact Summit, 87 new organizations have uploaded their impact profiles and have joined our growing community – its great to get a better sense of the work that the Dutch community does towards the SDGs. Welcome all! We hope that all of you on both an individual and organizational level, will actively use the Gateway as a way to continuously showcase your (impact related) work, to check out the work of fellow changemakers and to connect with likeminded people and organizations in order to reach all 17 SDGs.
Keep up the good work, let’s change the world together!

Warm wishes,

The Gateway team