"Kindness is the language which the deaf can hear and the blind can see"-Mark Twain

The moment we are born, we arrive with unique features to survive this world. That is how it was made but when a certain group of people is unable to use these features they are classified as people with disability meaning they are limited in movement, sight, and hearing. Delving more into the word DISABILITY, it dawns on me how these group of people have this (DIS) ability to adjust in any field of the world and even be better than others. This ability (disability) is what makes them unique when they are able to see in their blindness, hear in their deafness and walk without legs.

Sol Lewitt once said that a blind man can make art if what is in his mind can be passed to another mind in some tangible form. This can only be possible when we know their mind and things they hope for. It is very difficult to know one's mind just by looking at them, through interactions with them we will get to know how incredible crafts have been designed in their minds and heart and the only thing left is a representative of what is present in their minds.

Starlight foundation seeks to awaken a wind of hope that hasn't been felt in a long time. This wind is a day out with students of Mampong School for the deaf. This interaction centers on making the world know that the ear's inability to hear can be present for a moment in one's life but the ability to hear from within and translate it into action is what moves the world.

This can be achieved when we show them kindness and allow their heart to accept them without necessarily speaking to them. Since actions speak louder than words, your act of kindness would speak volumes of hope to them because the handicap of deafness is not in the ear but rather in the mind. Your act of love would bring a difference in their psychological being and it will shoot them above what we see them now.
They are special people and deserve the best just like us because deaf people can do anything hearing people can except hear. Be that ear of hope.

Let Hope Arise!

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