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Developing Sustainability
Private Sector

Questionmark Foundation

Wat is het verhaal achter jouw eten?

CNME Maastricht en regio

We create support for sustainable behaviour
Education, Training & Research

University of Laif

To accelerate sustainability awareness and practices

Original Beans

Taste the Rare and Preserve it
Private Sector

Stars Are Circular Foundation

Empowering Kids To Be Circular Stars

Le Compostier

Worms are the bankers of the soil
Social Enterprise

GSES System

Global action for local impact
Social Enterprise

De Klik - Uitvalvoedselweeropweg

We lower the foo[d]print for meetings and parties
Social Enterprise

Impact Weaver

My mission is empowering others to co-create our world.
Private Sector


Paper & Board of Agri-Waste / Wise With Waste
Private Sector


The world as our common house
Social Enterprise