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See below for an overview of all organizations collaborating on this platform. Visit each impact profile to learn more about the various SDG commitments, stories and partnerships that are out there! 

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Using Space Technology for Social and Environmental Good
Social Enterprise


Creating a climate for growth
Private Sector

Women for Water Partnership

Women as agents of change in water management

MDF Training and Consultancy

Empowering people, creating impact
Education, Training & Research

Waterschap Zuiderzeeland

Water beweegt ons
Other Public Sector


Let's make law work for a sustainable future for us, future generations and all life on this beautiful planet Earth.
Social Enterprise


Sustainable and Responsible Governance of Innovation
Private Sector

Centre for Sustainable Development Studies

Critical Perspectives on Governance by Sustainable Development Goals: Water, Food and Climate
Education, Training & Research

Ecovillage Boekel

An inspiring example of sustainable living


Within each limitation there is an opportunity
Private Sector

TU Delft

Science and technology for global development
Education, Training & Research

Straw by Straw

Straws on a mission… to replace all plastic straws with eco friendly STRAW straws!
Social Enterprise