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See below for an overview of all organizations collaborating on this platform. Visit each impact profile to learn more about the various SDG commitments, stories and partnerships that are out there! 

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Leren en werken in een circulaire economie
Education, Training & Research

Werken in Netwerken

Nieuw perspectief op jouw werk

LeAD GLocal

Transitions through Learning, Learning by Doing
Private Sector


Rebuilding education from first principles
Education, Training & Research

VIVOS Diemen

Steunt ontwikkelingsprojecten in Nicaragua en het organiseert voorlichting en bewustwording voor ontwikkelingsvraagstukken in Diemen

Le Compostier

Worms are the bankers of the soil
Social Enterprise

GSES System

Global action for local impact
Social Enterprise

De Klik - Uitvalvoedselweeropweg

We lower the foo[d]print for meetings and parties
Social Enterprise

Spoor van Vernieuwing

Binnen 24 maanden vanaf vandaag een kanteling voor het nieuwe samenspel in Nederland teweeg te brengen

Limelights BV

Do Good Agency
Social Enterprise

The Matrix-Q Research Institute

Technology and humanity can rise together and in harmony with each other.
Education, Training & Research

Stichting Smarter Hospital

Improving and optimizing hospitals and health care, schools and education in developing countries, currently focussing on Sierra Leone.