Low Car Diet Challenge

Itility • 2 July 2019

Low Car Diet is a nationwide competition where companies compete against each other in a challenge to travel as sustainable as possible. At the Flight Forum in Eindhoven we want to break our travel habits with this mobility competition. Travelling differently to work will result in fewer cars during rush hour as well as reducing parking pressure at Flight Forum.

Itility will slim down... by participating in 'The Low Car Diet'. At Itility we strive for sustainability and we are digital consultants who love a competition - what better way to unite that than this challenge to limit car usage during this challenge. We will do so by making the most of our Amber hub.

“Sustainability is really important to us. As digital consultants we travel a lot, so we can make a real difference when it comes to our fossil fleet. What started as a pilot has now become a well-used Amber hub at the Itility office. Even just during the pilot phase, we traveled over 2000 electric kilometers within a month whereby we saved 260kg CO2 emissions (5.2 trees). Just imagine how much you could save if everyone would use an electric sharing car." - Fleur Kappen