Table Talk | The Happiness Paradox

Event date 29 May '19 16:00 - 17:00 A (UTC +1)
Event location Erasmus University Rotterdam • Netherlands

Table Talk is an open conversation between students on a present-day topic. This edition will focus on our never ending quest for happiness. Are humans programmed to feel dissatisfied, always longing for the next thing? Or are we searching in the wrong direction?

Everybody wants to be happy. Our life long we search for happiness, connection and little joys. But being - and especially staying - happy is not that easy. There are many things that can take your focus away from the things that bring you joy. Thousands of studies and books have been written on happiness, increasing wellbeing and living a satisfying life. However, self-reports of happiness have stayed stagnant for over forty years. So, why are we not happier?

Many of us are always focused on the next step, the next accomplishment or goal. Although we know that this does not necessarily make us happier, it is hard to let go of this sense of control. Have we deprioritized our happiness in order to get better grades, a prestigious internship and an inspiring job? Do you plan everything as well as possible in order to experience the least setback and unhappiness? Are we expecting too much of life? And what kind of things do you think will bring you joy?