Redefining ICT Innovation (R&D) with Human Inclusive Technology - SDG Compliant

Event date 28 Mar '19 17:45 - 19:30 A (UTC +1)
Event location Utrecht Science Park, Utrecht Inc, • Padualaan 8, , Utrecht, 3584CH, Netherlands


Human Inclusive Technology

[A futurist view on A.I. & SDG2030]

Redefining ICT Innovation (R&D) with Human Inclusive Technology SDG Compliant


    • SDG2030 by United Nations, focus on achieving 17 global sustainable development goals for 2030.
    • The industrial revolution 4.0 is taking place within the following 10-12 years.
    • Both SDG2030 and the Industrial Revolution 4.0 are events that will synch. in the human history time. Their synchronization will unavoidably produce an influence on each other.
    • If the Industrial revolution 4.0 aligns itself to SDG2030 would the global sustainable development goals be achieved earlier ?. But if, on the contrary, the Industrial Revolution 4.0 jeopardize SDG2030 achievements by creating a new equality/inequality paradigm through social stability disruption, how would the future turn out to be in 2050 ?
    • Can we make a choice on the future we prefer ? with the choices we make through the ideas, innovations we invest in ?
    • What type of innovation, R&D approach, could bring both together human and A.I. ? and at the same time be SDG Compliant ?
    • What kind of leadership, knowledge, tools, skills, technology and data we need ? Which type of standards will serve us better ?

    The Matrix-Q Research Institute provides Innovation-driven leadership training program (on the cloud & experiential) and the redefinition of ICT Innovation (R&D) with: Human Inclusive Technology - SDG Compliant.


    Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken

    Matrix-Q Innovation Driven Leadership SDG Compliant


    Experiential, interactive, think tank, learning by doing and by playing.


    Attendees will receive a surprise gift by the Matrix-Q Research Institute


    March 28th 17.45.00 - 19.30 PM (*)

    • 17.45 Welcome
    • 18.00 Interactive Presentation, Q&A 
    • 19.15 Network

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    Padualaan 8, 3584 CH, Utrecht Inc, (First Floor) Utrecht Science Park.


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