Why Artificial Intelligence is or is not Human Inclusive ? 


Why Artificial Intelligence is or is not Human Inclusive ? 

ICT professionals spent years learning neuroscience, in order to simulate intelligence via A.I.; why ? to displace humans.
Why not to develop engines capable to collaborate and co-create with humans ?

Matrix-Q Human-Inclusive Technology: "The machine is not (deep) learning, a human collective i teaching it.".  - LDMF:   We still have time to change our perspective on A.I..

Matrix-Q Human-Inclusive Technology: "Let's own the challenge. Human collective intelligence enables human evolution. Which are the human competences that A.I. 4.0 can not replace ?" - LDMF

Human Competitive Advantage over A.I. along the 4th Industrial Revolution & SDG2030.
[ Human Competences needed in/for the 4th Industrial Revolution ]

Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken 
- Founder "The Matrix-Q Research Institute"  www.matrix-q.com 
- Owner MQ9 [ Matrix-Quotient 9 ] Solutions B.V. www.mq9.nl 
- Multidisciplinary Researcher 1993-2019
- Consultant (Systemic Strategic Management & Sustainable Development)
- SDG Entrepreneur & Innovator
- Artist, Author, Martial Artist & Yoga Instructor 

-Serious Playing, Learning by doing 
-Think Tank Interactive
-Futurist Assessment
-Matrix-Q Nonary Thinking
-Matrix-Q Brain GYM

- Human-Inclusive Technology
- Human Competitive Advantage over A.I.
- Innovation driven leadership, from disruption to SDG Innovation
- Human evolution time line. Next level leaders bridge the skills gap
- Creativity,  arts, emotional intelligence and soft skills.
- The Matrix-Q Human Enhancement Program

- Which are the  human skills that A.I. can not replace ?
-Why human enhancement would ensure jobs at the 4th Industrial Revolution Age ?
-The Matrix-Q Human Enhancement Program : New jobs for new kind of humans?
-A.I. & Jobs Displacement for 2030: Why Assessment of Human Capital Value & development of Soft Skills ?

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