Crimes against Yazidis: Impact and Response

Event date 10 Nov '18 10:30 - 11 Nov '18 16:00 A (UTC +1)
Event location Humanity House • Prinsegracht 8, The Hague, 2515 GA, Netherlands

In August 2014, the Yazidi community, one of the oldest religious groups in the Middle East, were targeted by the self-proclaimed Islamic State. Men and boys were executed. Women and children were enslaved. Much of the region remains destroyed.

Although the predominantly Yazidi city of Sinjar has been liberated since November 2015, reconstruction of necessary facilities that could enable the community’s return has been slow. The physical, cultural, and spiritual survival of the Yazidi community still under threat. A critical discussion of the international community’s response, discourse, and framing of the situation of the Yazidis is needed.

This symposium aims to bring together politicians, legal experts, academics, and humanitarian aid organizations to raise awareness about the current situation of the Yazidi community and explore various topics pertinent to their future.

Join us for a powerful discussion on global reactions to genocide, opportunities for justice, and the current humanitarian crisis facing the Yazidi people.

Free lunch and coffee and tea included.


Speakers will be announced soon.