The robotization of war

Event date 24 Apr '18 17:30 - 19:30 A (UTC +1)
Event location Paard • Prinsegracht 12, Den Haag, 2512 GA, Netherlands

In August 2017, hundreds of robotics pioneers wrote an open letter to the United Nations to express their concern about future warfare, in which killer robots will play an increasingly important role. They called on the United Nations to take action and introduce regulations. Now that the Netherlands has a seat on the Security Council, we want to investigate this issue. What is the state of play concerning the robotization of war? What will be our involvement in conflicts if we no longer deploy soldiers? And who do we consider more humane, humans or robots?

As political decisions are not reached by politicians alone, we are convening the Alternative Security Council. Together with the audience, five speakers from the worlds of art, politics, defence and science will consider the legal, ethical and political questions raised by the robotization of war. In addition, we will discuss how to regulate this internationally.

About the speakers

  • David Levy. Former chess champion David Levy has written over forty books about chess and computers. Drawing on his unique combination of specialisms, he investigates the possibilities of artificial intelligence. He also wrote the book Love and Sex with Robots. In 1968 Levy took on ‘The Levy Challenge’ when he bet a thousand pounds that no computer software would be developed within the next decade that could beat him in a chess game. He wasn’t beaten by a computer until 1989.
  • More speakers will be announced soon.

About this programme

The Alternative Security Council is a programme series by Humanity House in collaboration with the National Theatre and Clingendael. It is set up in the belief that international peace and security require broad discussion. Partners are vfonds, Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Fonds 1818, Vrij Nederland and Just Peace.

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