How Sustainable is the Coalition Agreement? Rutte’s third coalition and the SDGs

SDG Charter • 24 January 2018
Event date 7 Mar 09:00 - 13:00 A (UTC +1)
Event location Nieuwspoort • Lange Poten 10, Den Haag, 2511 CL, Netherlands


How Sustainable is the Coalition Agreement?

Rutte’s third coalition and the SDGs

Wednesday march 7th 2018 at Nieuwspoort 09:00-13:00


During the formation and coalition negotiations, a large group of 433 businesses and social organization have called for a sustainable coalition agreement which holds the SDGs at it’s core. Other groups like the Dutch Sustainable Growth Coalition and SDG-Investing have made similar calls. The new coalition has been in place for multiple months. Now is the time to hold the government accountable and see how sustainable the coalition agreement is.


For this reason, Partos, MVO Nederland/De Groene Zaak and the SDG Charter have organized a gathering on Wednesday march 7th at Nieuwspoort: ’How sustainable is the coalition agreement? Rutte’s third coalition and the SDGs.’ After a widespread call for a sustainable coalition agreement, with the SDGs at its core, the term is only mentioned once. The SDGs are mentioned in the section for development cooperation, while the SDGs are universal, and are thus also applicable for the Netherlands. Where do we go from here? What are these organizations doing themselves and what are politicians doing? During this event we bring businesses, NGO’s, knowledge institutions, youth, philanthropes and municipalities together and engage in conversation with members of the ‘Tweede Kamer’ during a panel discussion in the hall.


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