New Business Summit 2018

Event date 25 Jan '18 13:00 - 18:30 AMST (UTC -3)
Event location Provinciehuis Zuid-Holland • Zuid-Hollandplein 1, Den Haag, 2596 AW, Netherlands


The event is an initiative of World Startup Factory and is organised in cooperation with the Province of Zuid-Holland and ImpactCity The Hague.

About New Business Summit

New Business Summit is the realization of our belief: In order to solve pressing societal problems most effectively, businesses today need to stem from an alignment of effort among various actors in an ecosystem. Entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, SMEs, research institutions and governments should come together with shared efforts to tackle real-world societal challenges. The event aims to be the platform addressing the need for this synergy.

We call for enthusiastic owners and supporters of businesses in smart technology to join us. For startups the event creates an opportunity to exchange and validate their approach with the community that can think out loud with you. For all ecosystem actors, it is the place where they can seek future opportunities to collaborate.


Keynote Speaker: Prince Constantijn Van Oranje

Prince Constantijn Van Oranje is Special Envoy for StartupDelta, the Dutch startup ecosystem in which startups, investors, launching customers, governments and knowledge institutions come together.



13:00 Inwalk

13:30 Welcome by World Startup Factory

13:45 Welcome by Regional Minister for Economic Affairs, Adri Bom-Lemstra (Province of Zuid Holland)

14:00 Startups presentations


14:30 Startup Breakout Sessions Round 1

15:30 Startup Breakout Sessions Round 2


16:45 Keynote Prince Constantijn Van Oranje (Special Envoy StartupDelta)

17:15 Final notes

17:25 Drinks

18:30 Closing

Breakout Sessions

There are 14 sessions, which happen in 2 rounds i.e. 7 sessions per round. Please see the sessions' descriptions and register for individual sessions here.

What is a Startup Breakout Session?

Startup Breakout Sessions are interactive. As an audience, you will have an opportunity to help validate and reflect on startup innovations and products together with the founders and experts. We welcome you to become a part of the solution!

Zuid-Holland Startup In Residence: Co-Creation Session
(Led by Province of Zuid-Holland)

Zuid-Holland is starting their own Startup in Residence program in collaboration with World Startup Factory to solve some of the challenges in the region. The session is a special call for startups that can help the Zuid-Holland team to finalize the challenges while understanding how to create shared value.


Round 1 (14:30 – 15:15)
  1. Blockchain For Sustainable Supply Chain – led by Qlikchain
  2. Can Fashion, Travel And The Circular Economy Work Together To Create A Perfect Blend? – led by Gibbon
  3. Why Are Our Cities Today Not Better Designed? – led by ModelMe3D
  4. Even If You Are Deaf, People Will Hear You Talk – led byEvalk
  5. Contribute To Cleaner And Safer City – led by MyCleanCity
  6. Innovating Unhealthy Food – led by OrganicLove
  7. Zuid-Holland Startup In Residence: Co-Creation Session – led by Province Zuid-Holland
Round 2 (15:30 – 16:15)
  1. Using Blockchain For Regulatory And Compliance Requirements – led by Decibel.LIVE
  2. The Future Of 3D – led by QdepQ
  3. Waterless Bathing: The Path To Global Hygiene And Water Conservation – led by Clensta
  4. Rethinking The Parking Experience – led by YazamTech
  5. A Smart Service Intended To Maximize Safeness And Minimize Violence In A City/Area – led by MuniSafe
  6. Zuid-Holland Startup In Residence: Co-Creation Session – led by Province Zuid-Holland


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