Towards Sustainable Growth Business Models (2012)


With the global challenges ahead, transformational changes in business operations and new partnerships are needed to sustain value creation in the long term. New sustainable growth strategies are being developed and implemented. This also covers the entire supply chain, from the purchase of raw materials via production to the use of products and services. DSGC members fully acknowledge the value of using and integrating sustainable growth business models and are convinced that sustainable growth business strategies are the proper and only way forward towards a sustainable future.

This publication provides an overview of key features of an integrated sustainable growth business model and the roadmap towards such a model. Project examples of DSGC members are presented, providing insight into the hands-on reality of implementing the good practices. Furthermore, an overview is given of how the Netherlands provides an enabling environment for sustainable growth business models.

By sharing this publication, the DSGC members sincerely hope to accelerate the practice of sustainable growth business strategies.