Circular Economy - DSGC companies on their journey of implementing circular business models (2015)


In our third report, ‘Sustainable Innovation’, the DSGC described their vision for the future:

“The Netherlands as a sustainability and innovation valley, a breeding ground for science

and innovation.” We now add an important aspect to this vision, as we are convinced that

the Netherlands have the potential of becoming the ‘circular hotspot’ of Europe.

Many organizations are working hard to contribute to the circular economy across various

value chains. Also DSGC companies have either just started or have been working for some

time on developing a more circular business model.


With this publication, DSGC aims to share practical experiences and encourage other

business leaders, who might be wondering how or where to start. The report highlights

benefits and challenges that you may encounter. Circular economy experts have been very

open in sharing their experiences. We hope this can be helpful to others, to start or to

accelerate their journey. The sooner more companies tap into the economic and ecological

benefits resulting from going circular, the faster we can achieve the necessary tipping

points to realize a change. This will not only enable us to sustain business but it may also

secure our companies and the Dutch economy as a whole a leading international position,

ahead of the curve. Let us start, co-create in partnerships and travel together, on this

exciting journey towards a circular economy.