Pop-up show: After the arrival

Event date 24 Nov '17 20:00 - 22:00 A (UTC +1)
Event location DELITELABS | DEBUT theather • Linnaeusstraat 2A, Amsterdam, 1092CK, Netherlands

How do you make a life in a new place? We often hear the stories of how people have been forced from their homeland, but little about how they deal with life after they arrive.

On this evening of first-person storytelling, we hear from new arrivals to the Netherlands about how they have made a life here, the choices and challenges they face and possibilities created.

This is not to deny circumstances of tragedy but to highlight the ingenuity, courage, and optimism that many new arrivals work with to overcome significant difficulties.

The tellers will be drawn from countries that are experiencing fragility and conflict as well as countries where conditions are more stable. In doing so, we highlight the universality of choices and challenges refugees face: not a case apart, but in the room with us, sharing life together.

This is a prototype show co-created between students of DELITELABS and Amsterdam-based storyteller Simon Hodges. We ask an audience to participate with us as we create a new way of framing the story of those usually known as refugees but we choose to call new arrivals. in preparation for a larger show in the Spring.

Tickets €5