SDG Charter Signatory

Mondiaal Maastricht

Center for Sustainable Development, Global Citizenship & Climate Action

About us


Mondiaal Maastricht is a center for Sustainable Development, Global Citizenship and Climate. By translating these major global issues to the local context, we support the transition to a sustainable, just and inclusive Maastricht society from a global perspective. After all, there is only one planet Earth, our home, on which we all depend. Think global, act local.

The bridge from our logo symbolizes our function in the city: as knowledge broker we build bridges towards citizens and between organizations for the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), Global Citizenship and Climate action.

Our office is the SDG hub for Maastricht and a collaborative working space for local changemakers.

Current projects and activities:

  • Maastricht4GlobalGoals network (SDG Platform)¬†
  • Education for Sustainable Development Maastricht
  • Klimaatactie Netwerk Maastricht¬†(KAN)
  • Shelter City Maastricht program
  • El Dunya (world)festival
  • MOMa - Global (citizenship) Education Maastricht for ages 8-18 including Climate Collage workshops, The World's Largest Lesson
  • Be(e) the Change outreach program, including Climate Reality lectures