Netherlands Insitute for Human Rights

To protect, advance, monitor and shed light on human rights

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The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights was founded in 2012 and protects, advances, monitors and sheds light on human rights in the Netherlands. This applies to the European part of the Netherlands as well as to the islands of Bonaire, St.Eustatius, and Saba. It is the independent supervisor of human rights in the Netherlands.

The Institute aims to improve the human rights situation in the Netherlands and, as a result, create a society:

■ In which compliance with human rights is assured for everyone that lives within the Netherlands or within its sphere of influence

■ With a culture of respect for human rights

■ In which everyone can freely participate with dignity, unhindered by prejudices and discrimination and in which everyone can achieve their potential

In order to realize this ambition, the Institute has the following aims:

■ To assure human rights in policy, law and regulations

■ To prevent governments and third parties from breaching human rights and ensure breaches are repaired if made

■ To ensure that all people in the Netherlands understand their rights and that everyone is capable of enjoying them

■ To ensure that the government, parliament, organizations, and individuals actively take responsibility when it comes to human rights

In order to protect, advance, monitor and shed light on human rights, the Institute conducts research, draws up an annual report about the situation in the Netherlands in relation to human rights and provides advice on (draft) legislation and regulations and policy that will have a direct impact on human rights.

The Institute also encourages the government to ratify international treaties and realize the implementation of and compliance with international treaties regarding human rights. In order to be able to effectively monitor international recommendations from organizations such as the United Nations, the Institute has summarised the recommendations in a knowledge base on the website.

The Netherlands Institute for Human Rights has taken on over all of the activities of the Equal Treatment Commission. This means that the Institute oversees equal treatment legislation and, in individual cases, assesses whether a person has faced discrimination at work, in education or as a consumer.

Finally, the Institute aims to raise awareness of human rights in general. Human rights affect everyone, also in the Netherlands.