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See below for an overview of all the invitations to join in action. See where your work fits and connect! 

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Join Rotterdam Capital Days

On September 18 to 22 2019 the second edition of Rotterdam Capital Days is taking place with the goal of demystifying the world of capital.

Join our freely accessible Thursday gatherings!

Join our weekly Thursday gatherings (17:00-20:00) in Rotterdam and help (sustainable) innovations succeed!

Zero-waste funeral

Your final statement is your most sustainable: eternal. Let us direct the zero-waste funeral for your loved one or pre-plan yours.

Design your #outofofficeforever

Have you ever wondered what will happen to your precious data once you're gone? Check out our #outofofficeforever and save your memories.

Lets Feed the Street Together

The project seeks to feed over one thousand kids in Accra municipality


As a new foundation we are looking for partners to support our initiatives

Partnership on work and reintegration

We are always open to partnerships that empower people related to work