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See below for an overview of all the invitations to join in action. See where your work fits and connect! 

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Products with a Purpose - support the Makers!

Products made during the Makers Unite sessions are on a mission to empower creative newcomers in the Netherlands, join the mission!

Be part of creating THE website for sustainable MBO education

We are looking for someone to support us with the website

Interested in a whitepaper for inclusive care?

We would like to share our whitepaper with companies that are interested in the benefits of inclusive, familiy-friendly care policy.

Get involved with sports in West-Africa

We are looking for organizations that operate in West-Africa in agriculture, to work with us on a sport-youth-agriculture project.

Learn how to do 'something' with the SDGs

We are looking for businesses that want do something with the SDGs but do not know how to start or begin.

Help us develop an SDG Game

We are looking for organizations that want to collaborate with us to develop an SDG game (Mobile App).

Be a partner of the Centre of Excellence on Ciruclar Economy!

We are looking for partners and financiers for the Centre of Excellence on Circular Economy in Singapore and the Netherlands.

Challenge: Child Labour

We are looking for innovative ideas to help get rid of child labour and reach SDG 8.7.

Support from students

We are looking for NGO's that would like input from students and want to share information online.

Looking for Master graduates?

We are looking for organizations that want to provide access for motivated master graduates to the international development sector.