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See below for an overview of the various initiatives that are set up by the community, and learn more about the way these initiatives contribute to the SDGs!

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Project Beauty

Seeking Beauty gift (e-)books

Value based gift books, created by answering an intriguing questionnaire, that wakes someone up to what beauty deep down means.
COE - The Centre of Excellence for SIDS on Aruba

Build Back Better week on SXM

A hackathon-like Do-Tank event focused on surfacing actionable ideas for building back better.
COE - The Centre of Excellence for SIDS on Aruba

Online Course "SDG7 Sustainble Energy for SIDS"

This online course explores the opportunities of sustainable energy for small island developing states.

December Offer

Give 5 editions of Oneworld for 21 euro to so someone and we will give 1 to the Food Bank
Makers Unite

MU Travel Pouch

Beautiful sustainable products to connect newcomers & communities worldwide.
FRANK about tea


For the fancy ones, a box loaded with FRANK swag & tea
FRANK about tea

Tea Tasting Gift Box

Dive into the world of wild teas, and spice up someone’s winter!
FRANK about tea

Tea Lover Gift Box

For the tea lovers, the perfect winter tea duo
Schuttelaar & Partners

SDG Quickscan

Discover your company's impact on the SDGs within 3 minutes

Sinzer's online solution for impact management

Sinzer is the software solution for impact management

Impact Standards Search

Impact Standards Search is a publicly available search engine to help investors and companies find indicators to measure SDG performance.
Ministry of Foreign Affairs - Netherlands

Dutch Development Results

The new website on the Dutch Development Results 2016 gives a clear insight in how the Dutch development policy is connected to the SDGs