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See below for an overview of the various initiatives that are set up by the community, and learn more about the way these initiatives contribute to the SDGs!

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Unlocking Time. Empowering Women.


Nr.1 Thinking tool to Realise Benefits and Optimize Impact Pathways


The Kilimanjaro Initiative is a rural women's mobilisation from across Africa towards an inconic moment at the foot of Mt Kilimanjaro.
Better Future

Face the future

Groundbreaking program in which refugees and employees of Dutch organisations learn and work together.
Ahold Delhaize

Instock Restaurant

Turning surplus food into delicious meals
Save the Children

Surviving the streets in India

Save the Children helps children in India to obtain an id-card so they can go to school, get free healthcare and open a bank account
Ahold Delhaize

Albert Heijn - Sustainable supermarkets

Projects to contribute to Albert Heijn's ambitious target of becoming CO2 neutral by 2025
MVO Nederland

Werelddoelen bepalen de opdracht

Deze breakout sessie was deel van de SDG Impact Summit op 25 september.

Challenge: Africa Rise

A Right Now! initiative, in collaboration with the UN and the Catholic Church.


Improving vocational education in Ethiopia, Ghana, Kenya, Rwanda and Uganda.
Friesland Campina

Dairy Development Programme

Further develop dairy farms in specific countries in Asia, Africa and Eastern Europe.
Triodos Bank

Fighting by all

The achievement of the SDG relies heavily on urgent action to combat climate change, the impacts of which disproportionately burden the poor