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See below for an overview of the various initiatives that are set up by the community, and learn more about the way these initiatives contribute to the SDGs!

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Providing Clean Energy to East Africa

Providing Clean Energy to East Africa

SDG Nederland

Een eerlijke en duurzame wereld in 2030
WECF International

Women 2030 project

Building capacity of women’s civil society organisations
WECF International

Project Nesting

Creating a healthy indoor environment for your baby

New Mobility Foundation

The New Mobility Foundation contributes to the physical mobility of vulnerable groups in our society

Lift Cities

Inclusive urban development
Earth Charter

Global Goals Accelerator

Accelerate awareness and implementation of the SDGs

Wicked Problems Plaza

Multi-stakeholder dialogue


Empowering communities, replenishing the oceans

SDG Dashboard - Insights in your impact

What is your contribution to the SDGs?