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See below for an overview of the various initiatives that are set up by the community, and learn more about the way these initiatives contribute to the SDGs!

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SDG & Performing Arts

Performing arts production applied for social communication and education on SDG
SDG Charter

SDG Photo contest

Participate in the SDG NL photo contest and win 500 euros !

Make Europe Sustainable for All

Make Europe Sustainable For All is a 3-year cross-sectoral project run by 25 partners from across Europe.
Better Places Travel

Plastic-free travel

Better Places Travel, wants to have all their travellers stop using plastic water bottles, bags and straws on their trips by 2020.

SDG ShowYourTrueColours game for higher education

Perfect game to use in higher education and universities to improve personal qualities in regard to the SDG's


Wormhotels for circular cities

World Class

50 million futures prepared for a world of opportunity Deloitte is committed to empowering people to succeed in a changing global economy

WFP Blockchain Strategy Development

Deloitte helps the World Food Programme with a blockchain strategy to provide food for 500.000 refugees!

Work & Cancer (Survivors)

The project aims to support people who seek work and are cured from cancer (survivors) to find a full-valuable job.

Cyber security education for special needs students

We aim to provide a small curriculum for a small group of selected students in special education.

Hacklab Massive Open Online Course

With Hacklab, we aim to let students who are interested in hacking experience the life of an ethical hacker.

Music as Medicine

This spring the Jherominus Academy of Data Science will gather health-related data, while 200 people are listening to live-music.