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See below for an overview of the various initiatives that are set up by the community, and learn more about the way these initiatives contribute to the SDGs!

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MEDx eHealthCenter

MEDx Cicular economy

We are excited to share our circular economy initiative with you and we hope that you respond positive to this invitation to join our effort

Early childhood education

Early childhood care and education include a broad range of activities and provisions, like observation, treatment and day care.

Appropriate education for children with a disability

We give children and young people with multiple disabilities the opportunity to follow education and vocational training
Sustainable Finance Lab

Why can't you afford a home?

(Panel) discussion about the question why the housing prices are still rising

Women Entrepreneur College

We are a platform for young women who want to learn more about entrepreneurship

Young People Programma

Binnen het Young People Programma organiseren we 'visual storytelling workshops' en vragen jongeren de SDG's in beeld vast te leggen.

Twaalf bedrijven gezocht voor onderzoek CO2-besparing

Inzicht krijgen in de eigen CO2-voetafdruk, CO2-kosten én mogelijke besparingen. Doe mee!

Funky Phone / E-waste Arcade

Do you have old or broken phones lying around? You can now recycle them with the Funky Phone!

Future Technologies We Want

Implement a 3D approach to Responsible Innovation for Sustainability.
The Matrix-Q Research Institute

Matrix-Q - Gender Skills & Cocreativity applied to Global Sustainble Development

Matrix-Q - Gender Skills & Cocreativity applied to Global Sustainble Development

Magazine with a Mission

DPPR: a Magazine with a Mission
SDG Charter

SDG Toolkit

Starting with the SDGs is a matter of "just beginning". With this toolkit you can take the first step today.