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SDG Charter

Dutch SDG Gateway

A place for organizations and individuals to showcase initiatives and join forces to further the SDGs and the 2030 Agenda.
SDG Charter

Dutch SDG Investing (SDGI) Initiative

Establishing "highways for SDG Investing" at home and abroad

Rotterdam for the SDGs

HET event op het gebied van duurzame innovatie, economie en werk. 15 & 16 maart 2018 - Schiehaven, Rotterdam.


Move. Change your world!

I am Great (Ik Ben Geweldig)

Doing something good for someone else

Develop partnerships

Create global partnerships

Climate Investor One

Accelerating renewable energy projects in emerging an developing markets

Solar entrepreneurs in Rwanda

Generating impact through market-based solutions

Global Solar Lantern Initiative

Solar lanterns for the Rohingyas

Community Based Tourism

Better Places to live in and Better Places to visit