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See below for an overview of all organizations collaborating on this platform. Visit each impact profile to learn more about the various SDG commitments, stories and partnerships that are out there! 

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Aruba Centre of Excellence for Sustainable Development - UNDP

Bridging Islands of Knowledge

Stichting Stedenband Haarlem-Mutare

Geeft vorm en inhoud aan de stedenband tussen Haarlem en Mutare in Zimbabwe.


The world where Me includes We
Private Sector


Finding new approaches to global challenges and accumulate people with the same drive
Social Enterprise

Farmed Today B.V.

Eat Local, Sustain Global!
Social Enterprise

Canon Nederland

Grow the positive power of imaging technology and services
Private Sector

Indonesia Nederland Youth Society

The young Dutch and Indonesians of today, are the leaders of tomorrow

TU Delft

Science and technology for global development
Education, Training & Research

Anewlearning ✄ Stichting Lifedesign4u

Voor de Financieel Dienstverlener Van Morgen
Social Enterprise

Gemeente Tilburg

Een wereld te winnen

Outside Inc.

New Business for Positive Change
Private Sector

Defence for Children - ECPAT

Promoting and protecting children's rights