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See below for an overview of all organizations collaborating on this platform. Visit each impact profile to learn more about the various SDG commitments, stories and partnerships that are out there! 

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The Blue Deal

Sustainability Accelerators
Private Sector


Creating a climate for growth
Private Sector

Coffee Fresh

Close Future, de toekomst is dichterbij dan je denkt
Private Sector

4D Serious Gaming

Text comes in 5%, a 4D© SDG Experience for 90%!
Education, Training & Research


Personal WEvelopment (contributing to all SDG's)
Social Enterprise

Scale Matters

Helping more people profit better
Education, Training & Research

Green Cross Nederland

Earth <3 People


Using the knowledge of tomorrow for the challenges of today

De Preventie Poli

Expertisecentrum Gezond Gedrag voor (jonge) families

P&P regisseurs

Videos about change

Helder havo vwo

"De eenvoud van het meervoud. Dat is Helder"
Education, Training & Research

Hogeschool Rotterdam

Overtref jezelf
Education, Training & Research