[MATRIX-Q SDG Games] SDG 4 : “Parenting School” as a preventive strategy for global sustainable development" (162.000,00 Sun[x] tokens in prizes)




The Matrix-Q Research Institute SDG Games suggest challenges to SDG Entrepreneurs and provide to the winners support through Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools, Skills, Technology & Resources (Matrix-Q Sun[x] Tokens)


GAME: SDG 4 : “Parenting School” as a preventive strategy for global sustainable development

THE CHALLENGE: Design a parenting school program

THE TASK:  Present a suggestion of a parenting school program, in 3 A4 pages, font 11, with 1 min miniclip presentation and 9 slides power point presentation and the answer to the question suggested below. (complementary audio podcast 8 min presentation is optional).

THE PROBLEM: By answering the question suggested below (See PDF DOI: 10.13140/RG.2.2.33377.97124), for which the problem has been briefly indicated, you will be able to learn, reflect, explore on it and produce a solution.

THE PRIZE: 162.000,00 SUN[x] tokens.  [ www.bank.matrix-q.com ] The prize will be divided between 9 winners, according to an algorithm which will distribute the total amount of the prize according to the end result generated by the integration of the solutions suggested by the 9 winners. The Sun[x] tokens are discount coupons and gift certificates that can be utilized in the Matrix-Q Ecosystem for acquisition of services, products and goods; and can be traded accordingly to the rules set by the Matrix-Q SDG Bank.

DEAD LINE: 20th March 2019.

PRE REGISTER: only preregistered candidates will receive complementary information, reading materials, training and coaching for their participation. In order to pre-register please contact us to welcome@matrix-q.com or at our gumroad shop https://gum.co/Ikwx. The user unique details will be stamped in the documents and information pages by gumroad. After register, please send a copy of the stamped documents to bank@matrix-q.com