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See below for an overview of all the invitations to join in action. See where your work fits and connect! 

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Pledge to achieve life on the land

Support efforts that conserve mountain, forest and desert ecosystems, reduce deforestation efforts and prevent expansion of invasive species

Pledge to achieve life below water

Supporting marine research and conservation centers or pressuring lawmakers to strictly enforce commercial fishing laws to save the oceans.

Pledge to achieve climate action

Reach out to policy makers, educators, leaders and public figures to implement standards set by the UN for unified climate change support.

Pledge to achieve responsible consumption and production

Getting both corporations and citizens to establish a future that uses less and gets more out of natural resources.

Pledge to achieve sustainable cities and communities

Support the affordable public transportation, safe residencies and cultural protections that make every community strong and succesfull.

Pledge to achieve reduce inequalities

Try to convince those in power to address global inequalities with humane migration policies, fiscal reforms & support of developing countri

Pledge to achieve industry, innovation and infrastructure

Goal #9 emphasizes the necessity for resilient new infrastructure that promotes innovation and benefits industries everywhere.

Pledge to achieve decent work and economic growth

Goal #8 highlights our responsibility to make sure no one is excluded from a decent job and no community is left behind in growth.

Pledge to achieve affordable and clean energy

When every citizen plays his or her part in conserving energy, we put the pressure on world leaders to make sustainable energy the standard

Pledge to achieve clean water and sanitation

Goal #6 will have helped institute responsible water usage, restore water-related ecosystems and make global access to clean drinking water