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See below for an overview of the various initiatives that are set up by the community, and learn more about the way these initiatives contribute to the SDGs!

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MAD emergent art center

Science Hack Day Eindhoven

You are kindly invited to this adventurous survival of creative minds, and indulge into the extravagant experiments and daring prototyping

Innovatielab leren voor duurzame ontwikkeling en de SDG's

leerlingen, docenten, bedrijven bouwen samen een onderwijsprogramma waarin ze leren voor duurzame ontwikkeling.

Windturbine test and measurement setup

Testing and implementing zero-carbon circular energy production

Handreiking lvdo voor Technasium

Materiaal leren voor duurzame ontwikkeling
Wageningen University & Research

E-conference on Nutrition-Sensitive Agriculture

Please join us from 3-5 June for this fully online conference on nutrition-sensitive agriculture -
MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions B.V.

Innovation Driven Leadership SDG Compliant 4.0 

Matrix-Q Reality is a B.I. (business intelligence engine) which utilizes a human capital enhancement program.

Use of SDG hashtags

The way hashtags in SDGs are used is not organised. By using easy guidlines we can filter and connect in a more efficient way

Hans van Meggelen

Connecting people with the same goals
MEDx eHealthCenter

MEDx Cicular economy

We are excited to share our circular economy initiative with you and we hope that you respond positive to this invitation to join our effort

Early childhood education

Early childhood care and education include a broad range of activities and provisions, like observation, treatment and day care.

Appropriate education for children with a disability

We give children and young people with multiple disabilities the opportunity to follow education and vocational training
Sustainable Finance Lab

Why can't you afford a home?

(Panel) discussion about the question why the housing prices are still rising