Philips Mobile Obstetrical Monitoring (MoM)


About the initiative

South-Eastern Asia

Philips Indonesia in collaboration with local hospital Bundamedik, the city government of Padang and the Ministry of Health, launched Mobile Obstetrical Monitoring (MoM) pilot to address the increasing concern of maternal mortality in the region. The one year project will remotely monitor pregnant women for early high risk identification via a new telehealth solution.

Mom is scalable telehealth platform which can be adapted to suit specific rural and urban needs. Throsugh anĀ app, midwives can build a relevant health profile of pregnant women by collecting data from physical examinations and tests at local nursing clinics; Philips aims to support obstetricians or gynecologists to determine if a pregnancy might be high- risk, in which case immediate and adequate help can be provided.

By introducing the new MoM project in Indonesia, in the first three months of the pilot over 60 out of almost 500 soon-to-be-mothers have been identified as having a high risk pregnancy by doctors using the app. These beneficial results were achieved with the engagement of six midwives from six different community health centers.

MoM is part of the ongoing "Philips Innovation for Healthier Indonesia" program focusing on Mother and Child Care. This program also includes expanding coverage and clinical education, in which Philips aims to train, educate and coach 3,500 medical professionals this year in order to help increase the level of medical standards in the country.

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