Matrix-Q - Gender Skills & Cocreativity applied to Global Sustainble Development

Matrix-Q - Gender Skills & Cocreativity applied to Global Sustainble Development

About the initiative

Western Europe

The Matrix-Q Research Institute intents to contribute with its body of knowledge applied for women empowerment, protection of their rights, care for their well being, as children, adults or senior.

Matrix-Q Co-Creativity & Gender Skills

In this context the Matrix-Q Research Institute will intent to proof that family keep being a vessel for humanity to evolve and that it actually holds within itself all the nurturing substances, experiences and challenges that can help humanity and culture evolve. Including both male and female human species, men and women.

Matrix-Q Co-creativity – Gender Skills, Family & Leadership applied for Sustainable Development suggests  family-life-work balance as a central ground from which to observe and support the development of family, community and culture sustainably.

Even further, Matrix-Q Co-creativity Gender Skills, are presented as necessary for the enhancement of human individual and collective effectiveness, advancement of the human culture and civilization.

SDG5 Gender Equality & Women's Empowerment


Human factor, effectiveness, gender, enhancement, skills, communication, collaboration, cocreation, family, nonary thinking, education, skills gap.

Matrix-Q Co-Creativity & Gender Skills


Provide support to organizations for the assessment of SDG5, and capacity of integration of an inclusive approach to gender through Matrix-Q Skills and Co-creativity nonary thinking model.

After assessment solutions will be designed and implemented, including training and coaching.


Focus on acquisition of emotional intelligence skills and gender skills.

As result leadership, communication, collaboration, cocreativity and family-life-work balance will be enhanced.


Supports individuals, leaders, families, organizations in the process of application of Matrix-Q knowledge, tools and skills for global sustainable development, from SDG5 approach.


Gathering of stakeholders, leaders and community, discussion on Matrix-Q Knowledge studies and themes on gender, family, business and sustainable development.


Online apps, games, and e-learning materials will be developed along 2019-2022



As for Matrix-Q Gender skills and co-creativity services it is necessary:

  • Foundation on Matrix-Q Knowledge
  • Ability of design and implementation of Matrix-Q Algorithms
  • Tangible ability of responsible use of Matrix-Q Tools and Skills  [ See right of responsible use, by laws, TOS ]
  • Matrix-Q Holistic, Systemic & Strategic Management Knowledge, Tools and Skills

The training necessary for coaches, trainers and consultants is provided by MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions, a division of the Stichting Luis Daniel Maldonado Fonken.

After completion of the training program, if eligible, Matrix-Q user certificates will be provided to the attendees, which recognizes their ability to learn how to utilize Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills at a particular level of expertise and for themselves alone.

As for commercial services, or non profit services, meaning to utilize  Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills as part or central service, as for consultancy, coaching, training and others, the professional needs to be a holder of a Matrix-Q Licenses which also includes and evaluation of capacity of application and rank, made public and available to potential customers; and a membership in a public register of certified users.


May also join the training program and become holders of user certificate and licenses according to their needs. Please contact us for a personalized learning program content.


The MQ9 [Matrix-Quotient 9] Solutions, division of the Stichting LDMF, is holder of the necessary licenses for commercial use of the Matrix-Q Knowledge, Tools & Skills.


Nature inspired knowledge.

Nature cycles, rhythms, principles and laws have a purpose and generate an empowering force that leads nature towards the sustainability of life.

Humans are not deprived from that possibility. On the contrary, through a conscious choice may return to nature, by collaborating and understanding the function and empowerment that means their own natural cycles, shifts of hormones,along the 4 seasons, and develop the ability to embrace them and utilize them as an empowering force.

Gender equality starts at the individual, when both men and women acknowledge having the capacity and possibility to explore and develop unique skills, male and female skills. Which as a result creates a stronger foundation for communication, collaboration, effectiveness.

Co-creativity means to understand the value of parenting and co-parenting as an opportunity to advance skills towards a more effective communication, and collaboration. Being family and parenting the best school for co-creativity, decision making. Perception and acknowledgement of value, of both men and women, of their roles and skills, for co-creation.

Parenting experience triggers naturally a profound force and advances the individual skills and intelligence towards family care and well being. This profound experience gives to the individual access to a possibility of resources and skills that is nurtured and supported by nature itself. An empowering force able to help individual advance their skills, knowledge and understanding of male and female principles of cocreativity.

A systemic and holistic assessment of organizations, by utilizing Matrix-Q Assessment Tools. 

Matrix-Q Tools for holistic, systemic and strategic management have integrated already :

  • Matrix-Q Skills, Effectiveness & Family-Life-Work Balance.
  • Project Management
  • Assessment Tools
  • Leadership, holistic, synergetic and systemic management tools.