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At C-Change, we equip all actors to Connect4Impact.

About us

Social Enterprise

In 2015, the world signed off on a new global strategy for building a stable, fair, and sustainable future for all: the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. 

At C-Change, we envision a world where all actors connect4impact. We exist to trigger business and investors to make a difference and equip them to bring their purpose to life. 

C-Change convenes, consults, and connects. We work with our clients and partners to equip them to be more purposeful in their work and make a difference. As individuals, organizations, or coalitions.

IMPACT PRO(FILER) is our big bet to transform our collective ability to deliver on the 2030 Agenda. It is built on one simple idea: Empower change makers to multiply their impact through a single profile capturing their work, impact, and support needs. IMPACT PRO(FILER) captures and amplifies the value of existing networks and community portals by injecting the tools needed to connect and multiply what’s already there.


C-Change strategically convenes actors around the need for a new business agenda and a new way of working. Taking advantage of our global and national networks, we mobilize leading actors around the importance of the SDGs and the need for change and collaboration. 
Since our 2015 launch, we (co-)convened multiple high-level meetings and initiatives, including the Impact Summit Europe, and a national SDG Investing Agenda.


C-Change works with sustainability pioneers to roll out forward-looking corporate impact, social innovation, and impact investing agendas. We bring a mix of strategy, impact measurement, and change management expertise – serving each client with the right type of support.
Engagements include efforts with the United Nations (including UN-DESA), the Dutch financial sector, and Ministry of Foreign Affairs.


C-Change is developing IMPACT PRO(FILER), a unique technology designed to amplify the value of existing networks and communities. With a clear business case for all sectors it helps corporations, social enterprises, NGO’s and governments to multiply the impact of their initiatives and partnerships.

IMPACT PRO(FILER) is a partnership with Gates Foundation’s Global Innovation Exchange and funded by the Dutch and EU government.