Dutch SDG Investing (SDGI) Agenda

Establishing "highways for SDG Investing" at home and abroad

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After the 2nd Impact Summit Europe (ISE, March 2016), 12 signatories - including 9 financial institutions - came together to invite the Dutch government and Central Bank to collaborate on a Dutch SDG investing agenda. 

The Dutch SDG Investing (SDGI) Agenda serves to reinforce our joint commitment and offers concrete recommendations for 'SDGI action' in context of Dutch investment value chains. It articulates milestone achievements to date, priorities that we will collectively undertake, as well as ways in which individual institutions will seek to make a difference. Most importantly however, it identifies areas where we believe that collaboration with the DNB and the Dutch government will unlock greater SDG investment and increase our net positive contributions to each of the seventeen SDGs - including SDG #17 which calls for greater collaboration between public and private sectors.

Scoped as an incubating initiative with a final deliverable in December 2016, the ultimate goal for this initiative was defined a to help establish "highways for SDG Investing" - at home and abroad. The signatories - which grew to include 18 Dutch financial institutions and 3 enabling networks - sought to do so through three main activities: 

  1. Advance our joint understanding of Dutch SDG investing; 

  2. Identify catalytic ways in which the Dutch government and regulators, in particular in context to leading Dutch value chains; and 

  3. Outline a joint SDGI narrative and roadmap that can help achieve greater convergence, collaboration an coordination between leading actors and stakeholders.

The results of the process are described in the report Building Highways to SDGI Investing. With the SDGI Agenda we sought to recognize and map existing sustainability agendas and initiatives, and unpack areas where we know immediate opportunities for action and collaboration exist. In doing so, we sought to create a space for honest conversation where barriers or opportunities can be addressed.

Check out the report under the 'content' section of our profile. 

As reinforced by the Addis Ababa Action Agreement, we recognize that the government and regulatory supervisors are needed to fully realize the financial sector's contributing potential. We look at the government to help raise the profile of the SDGs in The Netherlands, to provide policy support and catalytic funding instruments, and to deploy innovative sustainable finance approaches. Specifically, we invite the Dutch government and DNB to collaborate with the undersigned to continue to take action in support of the 2030 Agenda in at least four areas of action: 

  1. Catalyze significant SDG investment through the systematic deployment of blended finance instruments

  2. Make SDG investment the 'new normal' by encouraging and enabling all Dutch retail investors to invest with impact

  3. Establish an enabling SDGI data environment by stimulating the uptake of sustainability indicators and standards

  4. Identify and address actual and perceived regulatory barriers and incentives to SDG investment