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About us

Private Sector

We envision the creation of an inclusive sustainable economy, by bringing together all relevant stakeholders and issues.

As change agents and enablors, we contribute to creating an inclsve and sustainable economy for long-term societal benefits. We are training and consulting companies of all sizes around the world, building on the principle of creating long-term solutions on how to improve their business by focusing on four strategic pillars:  Strategy, Finance, Value Chain, Organization & People.

Our proficiencies range from supporting a sustainable strategy of multinational companies through helping start-ups and small companies to increase their competitiveness up to identifying relevant stakeholders and supporting dialogues of governmental organizations. Moreover, we support efficient partnership e.g. with NGOs for inclsve and sustainable goals. Among many examples of our work with NGOs, one is our collaboration with Fair & Sustainable. Together, we have launched and still manage the juice csr-platform. The platform helps companies concerning all issues related to the juice supply chain by bringing together all relevant stakeholders.

“We believe that the challenge inhibiting sustainability is not the lack of good solutions, but the lack of capabilities to embrace and adopt them. It is our goal to inspire that positive change in the economy”.

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