Everything to save a child's life

About the initiative

Southern Asia

Max Foundation implemented its Max-WASH I programme through an integrated approach, combining WASH with nutrition and sexual reproductive health (SRH) components, among communities in the Blue Gold Polders in the south coastal hard to reach areas in Bangladesh during the period September 2012- August 2016. The programme was aimed to reduce child morbidity and mortality by serving over 890,000 people, particularly targeting the poorest (i.e. women and children).

Building upon the success and demonstrated prospects of the Max-WASH I programme implementation, Max Foundation now wishes to scale it up (in the name of Max-WASH II programme) reaching 1.3 million additional people, particularly the poor and vulnerable, in the Blue Gold Polder and its surrounding areas of south-western Bangladesh.

Max-WASH II adopts a community-led development approach, which shifts the focus from grant dependency towards one where communities can access flexible funding that contributes to overall community wellbeing. Through capacity building, advice and funding, Max-WASH II will create an enabling environment in which changes led by the community are supported by local government and partners with a view to embedding changes that endure when the programme ends. In this way, we leave behind more resilient and stronger communities and local government institutions and a self-confident, efficient and entrepreneurial private sector.