SDG Action (Accountability Hack)

Wie zorgt voor actie?

About the initiative


This prototype was developed for the june 2017 Accountability Hack ( Our intention was to develop an app that brings together different strands of information about the SDGs, oriented towards practitioners and the wider public. The philosophy behind the app is to deliver a 'heat map' of SDG activity in the Netherlands - i.e., to give data-driven indications of the SDG-oriented behaviour and actions of politicians, enterprises, (local) governments, citizens, et cetera. We envisioned to implement this idea in a way that incites people to join the action, feeling that it would add to the 'heat' for the SDGs. 

The current app ( is nothing more than a dummy bringing together a few first ideas. Due to the limited time of the Hack - one day - we were not able to incorporate the different strands that our team had been working on. But the different strands all use public (open) data to visualise the 'heat' and disclose information. Examples are: the voting behaviour of political parties on SDG topics; the extent to which Goals have been realised in different localities (administrative units such as municipalities or provinces); projects and events from the SDG Gateway; listings of projects and initiatives related to SDG themes such as local energy cooperatives and investments in sustainable energy; and so forth.

We ran across different limitations: the lack of uniformly published data stands out. That is actually what our Hack was intended to flag. Secondly, the information design and user engagement still begs for lots of thought and development.